for KING & COUNTRY's PRICELESS Movie Opens in Theaters October 14!!!

We live in a culture that celebrates the sexualization of women and then wonder why men treat women as objects of sexual gratification.

We find ourselves in a time of history where technology reinforces the idea of women as objects and introduces searing images to young men who lack the maturity and wisdom to turn away.

The trafficking of women for sexual purposes is simply the black hole that a culture of disrespect for the value and dignity of women creates. The genesis of that problem starts much earlier.

Christian music's premiere band (multi-Grammy-winners) for KING & COUNTRY has championed the cause of RESPECT AND HONOR in their youth-targeted music and concerts for years. They have seen this resonate in unusually powerful ways with both teenage girls and guys. That's why they have made the Priceless movie...and that's why we are asking you to incorporate this message and this movie into your ministry this fall.

All you need to do is say, "Yes, I am in. I plan to use the movie to help communicate this critical truth to my students" and we will equip you with the free RESPECT AND HONOR - PRICELESS Youthworker Guide resources to get your kids ready to experience the movie at the October 14 opening.

All you have to do is sign up!


The PRICELESS Youthworker Guide includes these 5 Video Sessions with Joel & Luke from for KING & COUNTRY

  • Chivalry - The Lost Art OF Being A True Man
  • What Do Girls Respect In A Guy?
  • In Protection Of The Princess - Chivalry In Action
  • Girls, What Message Are You Sending?
  • Youth Group Session around the Priceless Music Video


Outside the US? Email pbaker@interlinc-online.com to get your PRICELESS Youthworker Guide